Break The Floor International


Type : Dance

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès - Grand Auditorium

1, boulevard de la Croisette

06400 CANNES

Descriptif :

A 13th event is a culmination of relentless qualification rounds (Latin America, Asia, Africa, etc.) in order to select the best new talent of the international hip-hop dance elite. Now they are invited to the Palais des Festivals to compete in irresistible ‘battles’: spectacular choreographic jousting with such an infectious dynamism that you can well imagine yourself joining in the dance... except that you would be quickly overwhelmed by the demanding technical and athletic prowess of the performances you are watching.

Solo duels, duals or confrontations of bands, the entire range of complex figures and movements of the hip-hop repertoire is on show, revealing a structured, codified dance, yet one that is constantly changing: dynamic and creative, it shapes its identity with the original contributions from each of its performers. This is the vivacity and stylistic variety which is the essence of Break the Floor during its 2019 event, structured around the theme of disability and brilliantly demonstrating that where the body is wanting, creativity, passion and the strength of the heart will more than compensate! A positive spectacle, and full of ardour, an event to see with all the family or with friends.

Suitable for children over 4 and adults
Master Class, Sunday 27 January

Period open :

Opening date
27 Jan 2019
Opening hours :
Opening Hours From AM 16h00

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