Un Break à Mozart 1.1


Type : Dance

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès - Théâtre Debussy

1, boulevard de la Croisette

06400 CANNES

Descriptif :

Suitable for children over 8 and adults

With his work, 1.1, Kader Attou continues what he began with Break à Mozart in 2014, intertwining the two artistic worlds of dance and classical music even closer, to deliver a captivating conversation with the brilliant composer and hip-hop dancers. From this meeting between the dead composer, the modern choreographer and classical musicians and dancers, a moving, aesthetic dialogue is born across the scores of the Overture to Don Giovanni and the majestic Requiem. The power and complex refinement of Mozart is echoed in a spectacular, physical dance on a scalpel, that is both wild and elegant at the same time. Music and choreography find resonance... Until those watching become witnesses to the fascinating symbiotic fusion between the two. A truly original ballet opera, that is bold, unexpected and profoundly affecting.

Period open :

Opening date
24 Tue 2018
Opening hours :
Opening Hours From AM 20h30

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