Plaza Francia Orchestra


Type : Music

Palais des Festivals - Grand Auditorium

Boulevard de la Croisette

06400 CANNES

Descriptif :

Long-term music partners, Müller and Makaroff founded the group Gotan Project: their unstoppable electro pop arrangements and bass lines which hit the mark led the world to fall back in love with tango! Now with Plaza Francia, in the company of the singer Catherine Ringer of Les Rita Mitsouko, they have developed new melodic gateways between tango and the world of Rock while playing to packed houses. The Plaza Francia Orchestra brilliantly continues their exploration of original music, in the company of a new arranger, a new singer and the best musicians from the Parisian tango scene. The result? Irresistible rhythmic compositions in the pure tradition of ‘tipicas’ orchestras, which set the crowds of Buenos Aires ‘a-dancing’. Full of magical influences and the fusion of genres, their new score blends perfectly with the style of the Orchestra of Cannes: bewitching bandoneons, ferociously sensual voices... Together they weave modern stories through an innovative tango, that is more vibrant than ever, and far from its roots, it is changing by enhancing its universal charisma without ever losing its identity.

Period open :

Opening date
22 Sep 2018
Opening hours :
Opening Hours From AM 20h30

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